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Monday, May 18, 2009

Apple Cult Hits State Street, Santa Barbara

I looked online for a “Top Ten List of Things People Say They Will/Would Never Do” and wasn’t very successful. I am pretty sure I have done a number of these “things”… repeatedly. What makes my mind wander down such dark alleyways you may wonder? Probably not, but I will tell you anyway, after all you have read this far.
                I got up Saturday morning, May 16 at 5am in order to get in line for a retail store opening. Not just any store of course. This is a mystic place veiled in secrecy rivaling the most closely tiled Masonic Temple. This is the newest store front (at least at the time of this blog) for Apple.
                My early arrival at 6am for this stores 10am opening would place me at 40th for one of 1000 free t-shirts. But this is not my first time, no… I awoke at this same time for this same store’s grand opening one week earlier to get my free t-shirt. Unfortunately, unknown to me, this opening was postponed due to the Jesusita Fire that revenged Santa Barbara for little over a week. My friend and his family had been evacuated to my home that weekend and is a huge Apple fan so I figured I would show some support for his plight by accompanying him on his pilgrimage.  I could be his champion and guardian knight on his way to Mecca.
                The truth of my lameness is not readily apparent. I am of a mind that getting into a line at 6am for a store opening at 10am with the only material reward being a t-shirt is rather silly. You would need to be a very big Apple fan, which I am not. You would need to be a thirsty Kool-Aid drinker of epic proportions, again I lack this thirst. You would need to revel in the creepy enthusiasm and excitement of all that is Apple, and a third time, this is just not me.
                I own just two apple products, a 20gig Ipod from 2004 and a 8gig first Gen Iphone from 2007. I purchased neither of these. The Ipod was a graduation gift from a group of friends while the Iphone was a Christmas gift from the crazy ex-girlfriend. My first purchase from Apple was an InCase case for my Iphone, along with crystal screen protectors. This particular Saturday, however, I purchased a gift card as a wedding present (shhh… don’t tell) and World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King for my Windows XP desktop.
                To make this long story short, the question came to mind: What’s worse, the Apple Kool-Aid drinkers or me? I lean toward me, sadly enough. The only saving grace is my offering of moral support to my Apple loving friend and his third (or was it fourth) Apple Grand Opening. I figure it was the least I could do before I formally organize an intervention to break the cultish grip on him. I was wholly unaware of the amount of clapping and hi-fiving that would take place, and cramming all those people into the store at 10am. Thank god the Swine Flu is over (it is over isn’t it???) 


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