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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Canada or Bust...

Canada has a policy (like most countries) where certain crimes are considered more "serious" then in the country where the crime was actually committed.  If you have committed a DUI offense in the US you may be surprised to find out that DUI is a felony in Canada and you are technically inadmissable to the country.  Its a long drawn out process to get the offense "forgiven", in my limited experience give it at the very least 6months but closer to a year to process.

What I can tell you is that (at least Vancouver Airport) seems to have a "dont ask dont tell" policy.  I had a bunch of paperwork with me and ready to give it a good fight (to get an emergency imigratation visa) but the question never came up.  I assume that depending on the officer and the size of the line and your individual "vibe" its a roll of the dice for you to get in or not.  I will report on how long the process takes complete ... so perhaps by November I will be forgiven by the Great Country of Canada...


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