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Monday, December 11, 2006

Chargers, Saints 2 thumbs up

LT, again, had a great game.

LT TDRecord

LT was impressive again this weekend when he broke Alexanders TD record. The guy is one of the best players I have seen. He should practice kicking in the off season and kick a few extra points or field goals.... imagine if Rivers holds and LT kicks... scary...

The Saints showed that its not a fluke that they have the number one rated offense. They owned the Cowboys this weekend. Tony Romo is still a very young QB and I think they made him throw too much too early. The running game should have been the staple early in the game, even though things eventually got out of hand and they had no choice but to chuck the rock. ON a side note... TO has been very subdued, but so has the likes of Tory Holt and even Steve Smith has been silent the last few weeks. Seems that with a few exceptions, DEF have ruled this year in the NFL.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Silence is Broken...

It has been nearly 5 months since Terrell Owens signed with the Dallas Cowboys so i figured its about time to weight in.

TO Cowboy

I was a bit shocked myself, but I guess Jerry wants that Ring again so who knows. TO is talented, nobody argues with that, but his personality is problematic to say the least. For the past two weeks he has limited himself to the stationary bike and some practice drills on the sidelines.  The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells is starting to lose his patience. Can you blame him?  This is certainly not the way to start off a happy relationship.

Owens is questionable for the Cowboys' next preseason game (Aug. 21 at New Orleans), but considering its a nationally televised game, I wouldnt be that surprised to find him suited up and able to play a quarter.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Superbowl XL: The Theft

Wow, one of the worst Superbowls of all time.  The Refs stole the game, the NFL stole the entertainment, and the Network stole the commercials. Even with the abundance of leftovers I was left with an empty feeling inside. Empty even with the new 52'' Mit DLP HD TV.  I even had half the room filled with non-fans of the sport. Would be converts intranced by the game in all its HiDef glory, but even they, in thier football ignorance, simply uttered... "aren't the guys in the blue-grey unforms winning? What's with the score."

Bill Leavy review Roethlisberger TD

I mean really... it looks like Bill Leavey, the Ref, is looking at the play but I just cant for the life of me figure it out. About this time you might be saying to yourself that I am some Seattle FanBoy crying, but nothing could be farther from the truth. I am a Cowboy fan and tied for second (a distant second I might add) are Miami and San Diego. It is true that I like Seattle more then Pittsburg, but not enough to be indignant.

In addition I am far from alone in this feeling. Countless articles and blogs can be found by fans everywhere, Pittsburg fans not withstanding. Aaron Schatz from FootballOutsiders.com says it best in a recent article, "I don't feel that the refs stole this game from the Seahawks. I feel that the refs stole a great game from us, the fans of the other 30 teams." Kevin Hench of FoxSports.com goes into some detail on "what went bad" in his article, "Refs were far from Super in this one"

The half time show was, to put it politely, total and utter crap. Sorry Mic, even if two lines of your songs where not "muted" it still would have been ever so slightly marginally better CRAP. I like the Stones just like the next guy but i like them on my iPod, my Netgear server, or thru any number of MP3 players, not LIVE when the century date begings with a "2". I would have much more prefered crap like Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, or Jessica Simpson as they are much nicer on the eyes (I'll take care of my own "muting" thanks NFL).

And finally the subpar commercials. Once almost as good as the game, this year they pretty much stank. There where a few good ones, like the Michelob one when that chick gets tackled HARD... that was funny, and I can never get enough of that Overstock.com MILF, and of course my favorite "MacGyver MasterCard" commercial, but otherwise the bulk of them sucked as bad as, well... normal ommercials.