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Irritated.org | March 2007

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

An Exaggerated Truth...

Oh noes.... when a story like this appears in the NY Times you gotta wonder.  The guy is obviously a fake. His personal energy usage (and waste!) is a clear indicator of this fact. And now that the Academy (er the one for movies, not for science) loves him then I am even further convinced of his culpability in this massive fraud. If you talk the talk then you better walk the walk...





And this also, an expedition to the North Pole was called off due to ... thats right, COLD



Wasnt it just 20 or 30 years agon when global cooling was going to kill us all?


Just too damn hard to keep track of all this ...


Canada or Bust...

Canada has a policy (like most countries) where certain crimes are considered more "serious" then in the country where the crime was actually committed.  If you have committed a DUI offense in the US you may be surprised to find out that DUI is a felony in Canada and you are technically inadmissable to the country.  Its a long drawn out process to get the offense "forgiven", in my limited experience give it at the very least 6months but closer to a year to process.

What I can tell you is that (at least Vancouver Airport) seems to have a "dont ask dont tell" policy.  I had a bunch of paperwork with me and ready to give it a good fight (to get an emergency imigratation visa) but the question never came up.  I assume that depending on the officer and the size of the line and your individual "vibe" its a roll of the dice for you to get in or not.  I will report on how long the process takes complete ... so perhaps by November I will be forgiven by the Great Country of Canada...

If its hot, MUST be global warming

Its pretty interesting how the weather effects global warming news...... things seemed to die down last month when everyone was so damn cold, but with the recent warmth Man Made Global Warming is back in the news. I did have to dig thru quit a few stories to get to this one http://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/main.jhtml?xml=/opinion/2007/03/01/do0102.xml

I am just amazed at how the "scientific" community remains so obstinant. With all the failings in science beliefs why is there the impression that "the debate is over"?  Well I guess part of it is that no politition looking for a vote would be left out, and I guess another large point is that with those polititions come HUGE grants. Sad state of affairs in the science community but I guess the "worlds oldest proffesion" applies to ALL proffessions.

and yes... this entry is in the political catagory